Morgan was cheering for Naresh.

If I were you, I wouldn't do a thing like that.


It just isn't the same.

Well you're always putting on a show, and you're always on guard.

I can handle her.

Boyce was competitive.

Jinny knows he's wrong, but he won't admit it.

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She wishes to become a doctor.

I cannot do without a dictionary.

Because of the high fire risk, the governor of California issued a statewide campfire ban.

What's your favorite snack?

Do you have any soft drinks?

What did Louise say he wanted?

You can't yell at him.


The situation became chaotic.

I watched the game from beginning to end.

I won't have to do it again.


Ask her when she will come back.


I could have someone find out that information for you.

Don't say anything that might get you into trouble.

Do you need to see a doctor?


She's uninsured.

You didn't tell them what you wrote in that article.

Sidney appears to be in a very good mood.

We have some rose bushes in front of our house.

Nobody wanted to criticize my country.

You can't even imagine what he's capable of.

I didn't want to seem pushy.


He's so rude. I can't put up with his bad manners.


I'll give you my decision this afternoon.

I didn't tell them you're here.

You'll have more fun if you do what I suggested.

I'm doing my best to get better at speaking, since I think the better I get, the more friends I can make.

You don't have to answer these questions.

Amanda is coughing.

You'd better ask Tony.

I wanted out of there.

Do you want to come along with us?

Within days, Japan captured the American island of Guam.

We have dinner at seven.

Wilmer came into the room quietly.

It is you who doesn't understand!

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That's the end of that.

As in Eastern Europe, pollution in China is getting worse and worse.

Shuvra came close to drowning.

He just glanced at me.

"Hello," said Huashi, smiling.

The rear-view mirror fell off.

Who's going to do that for us?

Does Micah look nervous to you?

I saw him play baseball.

The public school system is coming apart at the seams.

We want the government to serve the whole nation.

He will not say yes.

The politician said that he had paid all his taxes and done nothing illegal.

Three died. Thirteen others were wounded.

She was poor, but she was honest.

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Nancy couldn't move the desk herself.


I'd hate to disappoint Mann.

He lost his cool and started throwing things.

Mr Wood had no sons.


Barrett is a computer expert.

He suggested we should stop smoking at the meeting.

One box is still missing.


The eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.


Nobody knew.

You're probably too young to understand what's happening.

You promised me you'd take care of Kory.

Raja learned sign language.

Why don't you give it another try?

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The school didn't take place today.


Major is always complaining.

Don't open your mouth!

She denied knowing anything about their plans.

About eighty thousand spectators packed into the stadium last night.

Tomas found a job as a gardener.

What do you believe?

I think it doubtful whether he understood my explanation.

His parents battled to send him to college.

Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.


Why are these girls so cruel?


Tell them about your trip.

As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.

Sedat gave Tareq some useful information.

I've got to get Ahmet home.

Thank you for your letter of July 25 and the fabric sample.


Gregg didn't have the guts to shoot Noam.

Nanda's a big, fat slob.

I would like Carl to apologize to me.


I apologize for this.

I got your name from my friend.

I know that much.


Not all of us are born with musical talent.

Do you have fish at this zoo?

We'll meet him later.

Are you sure there's no meat in this soup?

Hsuan smiled at Morgan, and she smiled back.


The nuclear holocaust scenario is just old propaganda. Arsenals are limited and rusty.

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Mariou plans to buy a new motorcycle.

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You trust me, right?


We'll go get them.


How many years does it take to become a doctor?

I have included the names and prices of a couple of hotels which are reasonably close to where I live.

She blew out all eight of her birthday candles.

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I told Timothy that I'd get him a gift.


They marched in support of the government.

Anthony went out the window.

Try to see things as they are.

Dan didn't even appear remorseful.

She was sure that she had found the love of her life.


The ruling party is running a smear campaign against the opposition.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped.

He believes you.

I want to give you this.

I do not believe in liberalism.

Gun makers have been able to escape responsibility for firearm violence.

Tim and Jonathan are good friends, but they aren't dating.


I ate a chicken lollipop.

Leave it to the professionals.

We have serious problems.

I know you weren't planning to come.

It was obvious that she wanted to kiss me.

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You're on to something.

We finally reached the lake.

"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi alright?"

Thank you for coming all the way to see me.

The king will appear in person tomorrow evening.

I'm not going to write a letter in English.

Your parents would've been proud of you.

His speech was an unmitigated disaster.

Please read these reports carefully.

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He is also studying Chinese.


I like short poems.


You have a feather on your hair.

Ross is wearing a T-back.

Bill was adamant that she should obey him.

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What's the minimum salary in Jamaica?


That's a very important achievement.

Did you see what she was wearing?

I did what was required.

She is a good friend of mine.

I cleared the roof of snow.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

That's amazing.


Have you looked in the glove compartment?


I owe what I am today to you.

Three candidates ran for President and he was elected.

I gave up on him.

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You may not behave so childishly.


I was clueless.

Meet me there at midnight.

I live in a small village.

Galen bought a gift for Price.

You know who did it, don't you?


I did tell you to stay in the car.

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It was really ugly.

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Sjouke never had an inkling that Edmond and John were dating each other.